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Welcome to Northern Mystery Alpacas

Welcome to Northern Mystery Alpacas. We are a Canadian alpaca farm based out of Edson, Alberta. We raise, breed, show and sell huacaya alpacas. Alpacas are wonderful animals, valued for their luxurious fiber, as well as their attractive appearances. Versatile and easy to fall in love with, they make for an interesting small livestock that has much to offer. Smaller, safer, and much easier to handle than traditional livestock, alpacas are an ideal choice. We are CLAA and AOA registered alpaca breeders, as well as members of Alpaca Canada and A.L.P.A.C.A.

Here we strive towards animals who represent quality in conformation, fibre and temperament. We like colour, and are working towards developing a strong colour herd as well as continuing on in producing the luxurious white animals that this industry has grown from. Our herd consists of a variety of bloodlines, including animals such as Ice Man, Guellermo, Victor's Vaccoyo, Peruvian Sweet William, and Captain Nemo, to name a few. We offer both males alpacas for breeding, and have a variety of animals available for sale that can be used as show or breeding stock, as well as for fiber and companionship. 

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Sunnyhill's Sullivan

Northern Mystery's Eos

June 10, 2023

Sunnyhill's Sullivan

Northern Mystery's Vesta

July 27, 2023

Northern Mystery's Khagan

Vida Loca Big Bang

July 27, 2023

BR Heir2 ALegacy LM

BR Rum's Bocelli

June 9, 2023


Covid-19 and Updates to Alpaca Sponsorship 

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Exciting Future Adventures

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2018 Cria Season Complete

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Fall Updates

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Our Featured Animal

Northern ​Mystery's Khagan

AFD: 14.7 | SD: 3.5 | CV: 23.6

CF: 99.5 | Curve: 62.7 deg/mm

Staple: 106 mm 

We knew the moment Khagan hit the ground that he was something special, and we were stunned when he took Reserve Grand Champion at his debut show, his age being the only reason he placed below the Champion who went on to take Supreme. This boy has it all - the temperament, the conformation, and above all the fleece. Just one look at his 2019 histogram and you can see just part of why we are so thrilled with this boy!