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Angelica's Fleece


Angelica is perhaps the best female on our farm, with a gorgeous dark fawn fleece that is buttery soft and just a joy to handle and work with. We're offering her entire 2017 fleece this year because it is just too nice not to share, and we know her 2018 fleece is going to be just as gorgeous. Available is 2.0lbs of her fleece, lightly skirted and ready to go, as it is almost entirely free of VM and dust. Her fleece is grade 2, with a 3" - 3.5" staple length and a well defined crimp from skin to tip that practically glows.

  • 2.0lbs
  • 3" - 3.5" Staple Length
  • Grade 2
  • Very clean, almost no VM or Dust.
  • Lightly skirted.

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